iNet for Mac

iNet for Mac: Network Scanner,
Bonjour Browser, Airport Monitor
and more.

Wiki² -Wikipedia Reader for iPad

Convenient Wikipedia Reader for iPad - offline reading included.

Control! - remote control for Mac

Remote control your Mac - with video streaming, file browser and more.

iNet - network scan, wifi, bonjour browser, portscan
iNet Pro

Scan networks and Bonjour services, ping, portscan, wake on lan ...

Glyph-O-Rama - special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

Glyphs and special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

WOL wake on lan with your iPhone
iNet WOL

... wake on lan.

iAmino - Genetic decoder for proteinogenetic amino acid, codon,

Learning tool and offline reference for proteinogenic amino acids.

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23 December, 2016

iNet Network ScannerProfound changes in the new 10.2 release of the iPhone operating system make the resolution of MAC addresses very difficult now. Even if the MAC’s are mostly resolved with our current solution (3.0.3) this does not work under all circumstances. We are working hard to solve this, please be patient. If MACs are not resolved, please rescan. This should solve the problem in some cases.

The MAC’s are needed to assign names and icons as well as assigning the internet gateway to a device. So this is not possible currently with iNet. Your already saved own names and icons are still there, but iNet cannot assign them to devices. Please do not delete your scan databases, the icons will be available after resolving this issue.

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