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Remote Control
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for Mac

Download Control! server program
(Download Control! Server)


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scan network ping bonjour portscan iphone

scan network ping bonjour portscan iphone

scan network ping bonjour portscan iphone

scan network ping bonjour portscan iphone


control! your mac



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If you want to do more with your Mac than just computing - Control! gives you remote control. And - it's really easy!

The new Control! is now fully compatible with Lion and adds a lot of functionality and improved speed.

Remote Control and Video Streaming for Mac:

  • Wake up your sleeping Mac by starting Control!

  • Start and watch movies on your Mac with the remote control in your hand

  • See your movies on the iPhone (Control! offers instant on the fly decoding and optimizing for video streaming!)

  • Control your computer with the build in remote touchpad

  • See all icons of the programs located in your Mac Dock, control them remotely

  • Browse through all directories of your Mac

  • Open files on your Mac remotely

  • Start and quit programs on your Mac remotely

  • Open documents on your iPhone that are stored on your Mac; send them by mail from your iPhone

  • Take a screenshot with your mobile device and see what's currently displayed on your Mac

  • Send a message - it is instantly displayed on the Mac's screen

  • Execute Applescripts on your Mac

  • Adjust your Mac's volume, shutdown, restart, sleep and eject DVD's remotely

  • Control more than one Mac remotely

  • Most commands will work via internet too - except video streaming (we are working to improve this :-)

Screens Overview and User Manual

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Questions and answers to Control!

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More in development

The modularisized structure of Control! allows to add more features in the future. We will implement by time application specific remote controls for most standard movie players as well as video streaming over internet etc..

Software requirements: iPhone or iPod touch Vers. 4.0 and newer, Intel Mac OS 10.6 and newer. On the Mac you want to remote control the Control! server has to be installed.


  Download Control! server program 
(Download Control! Server)


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