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iPhone dock apple remote

iPhone dock apple remote

iPhone dock apple remote

iPhone dock apple remote

KickStart - Genetic decoder for proteinogenetic amino acid, codon



... your Mac -
with your iPhone


Kickstart will not be developed any further. We thought it would only be fair to remove KickStart from the Appstore.

KickStart will be replaced by "Control!-Remote control and video streaming for Mac" - same functions as KickStart plus a lot of more features. Click here to switch to the control! website.

The KickStart website is left for convenience for our former buyers of KickStart to be able to download the KickStart Server again if they need to reinstall (see end of page)


With KickStart you are in control - get your iPhone and remote control your Mac! KickStart lets you control

  • have your Mac's dock in your iPhone
  • start applications listed in your Mac's Dock
  • quit running applications
  • shut down your Mac
  • let a message pop up

Enhancements of version 1.1:

  • Spotlight search for PDF documents
  • better server with automated update function
  • (even) nicer interface
  • Pairing with dedicated Macs
  • and more

KickStart icon The Dock

Kickstart shows all applications that you have placed in your Mac's "Dock". You can start or quit them.

KickStart icon Shut down, reboot, sleep

You don't have to get up - just use KickStart to perform these basic operations. If you have your iPod touch® or iPhone® with you - zero problem.

KickStart icon Runnig apps

See all running apps. Quit them if neccessary without moving your mouse.

iAmino icon Spotlight search

Find PDF documents on your Mac and read them on the iPhone.

iAmino icon Pairing

You can remote control any number of Macs. You choose via the start menu. Only the iPhones who know the dedicated pairing number cann access a particular Mac.

KickStart icon Send message to your Mac's screen

If someone is using your Mac - send him a message.

Besides - although it's fun to remote control your Mac - there are a lot of situations when KickStart comes to be very handy. For example - use it as a very fast tool to quit applications, to start iPhoto or another application you have placed in your Mac's Dock.

The neccassary server application comes as an easy to install dmg-file. If you should get any problems you find here a troubleshooting guide.

Software requirements: iPhone or iPod touch Vers. 2.2.0 and newer and the server app (please use the Kickstart server download button below); Mac OS X vers. 10.5. up.

To get your own copy please click the App Store button below.



Download KickStart server program
(download KickStart server)


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