iNet for Mac

iNet for Mac: Network Scanner,
Bonjour Browser, Airport Monitor
and more.

Wiki² -Wikipedia Reader for iPad

Convenient Wikipedia Reader for iPad - offline reading included.

Control! - remote control for Mac

Remote control your Mac - with video streaming, file browser and more.

iNet - network scan, wifi, bonjour browser, portscan
iNet Pro

Scan networks and Bonjour services, ping, portscan, wake on lan ...

Glyph-O-Rama - special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

Glyphs and special characters for text in mail, chat, pages ...

WOL wake on lan with your iPhone
iNet WOL

... wake on lan.

iAmino - Genetic decoder for proteinogenetic amino acid, codon,

Learning tool and offline reference for proteinogenic amino acids.

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16 December, 2015

Wikipedia Reader For iPad• [Added] iPad Pro Compatibility
• [Added] Wikipedia fulltext search (just enter a search text and hit enter)
• [Added] Automatically show first article if viewing articles for a keyword
• [Fixed] Database error that could lead to crash under special circumstances
• [Updated] Help section

25 November, 2015

iNet Network ScanneriNet Network Scanner- [Added] Recent Macintosh devices
- [Updated] All databases
- [Fixed] Code optimizations

We are currently working on a new beautiful design for iNet Network Scanner for Macintosh. Will be released soon.

17 July, 2015

17 July, 2015

Wikipedia Reader For iPad• [Added] Size of database now shown
• [Added] Integrated help pages
• [Added] Automatic reload of not correct loaded articles (works in most cases :-))
• [Added] Select what data is displayed in the history tables (language, date, keywords, title)
• [Fixed] Send mail if no mail account on iPad
• [Fixed] Error in adding keywords that led to crash under some circumstances
• [Updated] Codebase and performance optimizations

8 July, 2015

iNet Network Scanner- [Added] Recent Macintosh devices
- [Added] More information for most Mac devices (Year, screensize, processor)
- [Added] Remember recently entered address and ports in portscan
- [Fixed] Better detection of own device
- [Fixed] Using correct predefined portlist for portscan in international versions
- [Fixed] Correct version number in German version
- [Updated] Services, Ports and Vendor databases

23 May, 2015

Wikipedia Reader For iPad• Better keyword handing
• Enhance font by tapping three times
• Better help
• Renaming of keywords
• Some localization correction
• Better integrated browser for consulting Wikipedia without saving articles to your iPad

• And as always - have fun!

15 May, 2015

iNet for iPad Networkscanner 1.0.2 Update. Some minor bug fixes, code base and databases have been updated also.

29 April, 2015

iNet WOL wake on lan icon[Added] German translation
[added] Better recognizing of own device
[Updated] Updated model and vendor databases
[Updated] Code optimizations

25 April, 2015

ineticon60mitrand[Added] Device notes in PDF export
[Fixed] Own device has correct icon again
[Fixed] Bug in Portscan on choosing presets
[Updated] Services and Vendor database

13 April, 2015

iNet and iNet Pro Networkscanner and Toolbox now with German interface. We updated all databases, fixed some minor errors and added e. g. export of scans with pictures of found devices.

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